Monday, October 31, 2016

Three pigs retell

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                   Billy                                        Ralph                         Tim                            Darrell

Long ago in the middle of a huge ancient village, A confident family of Pigs (all brothers) Tim, Ralph and Darrell lived there quietly enjoying their feast of their own species, Until one night the 29th of October a circus had finished and a scary wave of clowns poured out. What everyone didn’t know was that they weren’t just clowns they were KILLER CLOWNS. Immediately the three pigs Ralph, Tim and Darrell dashed under there neatly weaved blankets and started to whimper.

They were very happy together in their quiet life until this scary outbreak of  Killer Clowns shook the world, they would smash windows chase cars and knock on peoples doors and run. October the 30th. The outbreak had got even worse in the past weeks. The pigs were very scared because their little shack was on the outer of the village and the poor Pigs were all alone. But the scary thing was if the Killer Clowns came they would be the first ones to get attacked because they were on the outskirts of the village.  The three little pigs tried to sleep, but they were so scared they decided  to stay awake and keep each other company. The 31st of October (Halloween)!!!

The pigs knew that it would one scary night. That night all the pigs could hear was “ We are the clowns were here to wreck towns night and day are you going to run there is no way”. Those are  the only voices they could hear included with knocking and high pitched screaming. They were so scared! The bravest little pig Tim decided to cautiously peek out the semi smashed window. The only thing he could see was flame torches crackling and burning rapidly. Suddenly a horrible looking clown was smashing the house with his axe but the pigs were smarter than the clown and reinforced the perimeter of their mini shack. The clown only squeezed a few words out of him those words were “ hello my name is Billy ” in a screechy voice. The pigs once again were smarter than the clown and put 9 layers of toughened glass so the clown had to keep hitting but could only put a few cracks in the glass. Eventually the clown had gone. The next morning came very quick, for some reason the pigs were very relaxed and the town looked better than ever.

Then the pigs carried on living their quiet life….

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  1. Wow Connor I love your story including the Pictures