Monday, October 31, 2016

Three pigs retell

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                   Billy                                        Ralph                         Tim                            Darrell

Long ago in the middle of a huge ancient village, A confident family of Pigs (all brothers) Tim, Ralph and Darrell lived there quietly enjoying their feast of their own species, Until one night the 29th of October a circus had finished and a scary wave of clowns poured out. What everyone didn’t know was that they weren’t just clowns they were KILLER CLOWNS. Immediately the three pigs Ralph, Tim and Darrell dashed under there neatly weaved blankets and started to whimper.

They were very happy together in their quiet life until this scary outbreak of  Killer Clowns shook the world, they would smash windows chase cars and knock on peoples doors and run. October the 30th. The outbreak had got even worse in the past weeks. The pigs were very scared because their little shack was on the outer of the village and the poor Pigs were all alone. But the scary thing was if the Killer Clowns came they would be the first ones to get attacked because they were on the outskirts of the village.  The three little pigs tried to sleep, but they were so scared they decided  to stay awake and keep each other company. The 31st of October (Halloween)!!!

The pigs knew that it would one scary night. That night all the pigs could hear was “ We are the clowns were here to wreck towns night and day are you going to run there is no way”. Those are  the only voices they could hear included with knocking and high pitched screaming. They were so scared! The bravest little pig Tim decided to cautiously peek out the semi smashed window. The only thing he could see was flame torches crackling and burning rapidly. Suddenly a horrible looking clown was smashing the house with his axe but the pigs were smarter than the clown and reinforced the perimeter of their mini shack. The clown only squeezed a few words out of him those words were “ hello my name is Billy ” in a screechy voice. The pigs once again were smarter than the clown and put 9 layers of toughened glass so the clown had to keep hitting but could only put a few cracks in the glass. Eventually the clown had gone. The next morning came very quick, for some reason the pigs were very relaxed and the town looked better than ever.

Then the pigs carried on living their quiet life….

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Rhino Cinquain

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Rough Armour
Crashing hunting battling
Scoffing grass all day

Friday, September 02, 2016

Rhino Cinquain

Image result for rhino
Rough Armour
Crashing hunting battling
Scoffing grass all day

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blog post

Project Based Learning Blog Post

Step One
Selecting a context
Lost in the Bush
Save the Bush
Fun in the Bush
Step Two & Three
Create questions and identify one broad question
What was your broad question?
Where will I sleep in the bush when lost and on what?  What different shelters are there?
Step Four
What did I already know about my question?
What to make: You could make a bivouac, leaf shelter or tree shelter.
Where To Sleep: You could sleep in a dry and covered area.
What to sleep on: You could find some flax or other materials to sleep on.
Step Five
Design your creation

Jakob:Conor and I decided to use 4 pencils, 1 piece of paper, a little bit of string for the insulation, tinfoil, green paint, and a square cardboard box.                                                                                                      
Step Six
Build your creation

The purpose was to make a shelter to protect yourself in the wild if you are alone with no one else.
Step Seven
How did it go?
Jakob: I think it could've gone better.
Conor: I think It went alright because we got it done but it could have gone better by sharing out the work load.
What went well?
Jakob: I think what went well was that the hammock was still standing in the end.   
Conor: I think making the hammock stable.
What was a challenge?
Jakob: A challenge for me was keeping the  hammock off the ground.
Conor: Trying to plan and make the right decisions on what to do.
Step Eight
What would you change next time?
Jakob: I would make it bigger, I would change the base of the hammock and I would also make the pencils more stable.
Conor: I would change the size because trying to fit through all of the gaps with the string was hard
Feedback - ask some other children what they thought?
Marshall: That the pencils aren’t really holding the hammock up off the ground.

Lucy: I think that it should be higher off the ground.

Bodie: I think that it should be higher off the ground.
Brad: Maybe add more decorations and open the hammock more.

Bowen: Make it a little bit less wonky and lift it off the ground.

Vaughn: Make the shape of the hammock a little bit better.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Camp Omatua 2016

Yay the time has come it is the 22nd of February which means it is time for camp. We leave from school ready as anything. We start talking about what to do, in my car I had Jack Firth, Bodie Scott and me. These are some photos that explain what we did.

 The first photo is me and my team in our little hut that me made out of bamboo. The second photo is of me holding my towel as I am shivering really hard.

 The third photo was one of the best ones because our teams all worked together and spent time eating, oh and by the way I think I had about 4 helpings of it.

 Vroom Vroom our cars are sitting in front of the movie screen as we watch a cool movie call Paddington. The 5th photo Brrrrrrrr I didn't know the river was going to be this cold!

 The lucky last photo voosh swoosh I'm going to get you Bowen as I call out to him on the way down on the slide at the Onekawa pools.

1. Technology Challenges, We had an awesome team to work with Me, Jack, Jasmine and Caitlin.
2.At The River OOOOOOHHHH that is what you call freezing I say as I have my towel wrapped around me.
3. Campfire Kai, The campfire Kai was delicious everything that was in the Omatua stew was yum.
4. Drive In Movie we all had an awesome time watching a really cool movie.
5. Just Tubing, Zooming down the freezing river in the big black tubes.
6. Smile, Me, Logan and Bowen just came down the water slide at Onekawa pools.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Today is the day for the Hangi.
We see all of the people preparing the food in the morning and later that day the parents walked into the classroom with all of the delicious food. I can smell it and it smells really nice. I take my first bite into the chop and it is so yum i try the rest of the food and that is just as nice.
Thank you to the parents and teachers that gave up their time to do and prepare this Hangi for the whole school.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

England Scared of the All blacks

The England rugby team 2015 is scared about their biggest challenge the All blacks. So they make fun of the All blacks Haka to try to take it off their mind. Have a watch of the video. What do you think about this? How do you feel?

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

My visual art piece blurb

My visual art piece.

My visual piece of art has a Hoiho (my House bird) looking out over the horizon.
The dark blue and the light blue represents the sky.
The dark green and the light green represents the hills and the greenland.
I showed determination when somethings went wrong with my visual art piece and I just carried on hoping that it would look better at the end.

I liked using different colours to show Papatuanuku and Ranginui, and I hope you like my visual artwork.

Monday, August 10, 2015

MLE Writng

Dear MR G                                             
3rd august
Hastings Howard st
Hawkes Bay

We think that we should start the school day a bit earlier and end the week later by minusing a whole other day. Here are the hours and times 7:45 -- 4:00. If this happens it leaves us with a whole day for us to spend more time with your family. But not just for us for You (Mr G) and the teachers to have another day to plan for the next week  / Next day .

the teachers and us students get a day off. That means that the teachers get a day to plan for the next week. This will be an amazing opportunity for the kids to have another spare day off to maybe finish their homework if they have not finished it, they could also go to their friends house, and have some fun. but we are not just thinking about ourselves we are thinking about You Mr G. As a principal you have a huge roll of responsibility this could help you alot with your life
If we have a training or a game on Fridays we can just chill out have some time to spend with your family, and then once you have done that you can easily get ready with a heap of time left to pack some food or fill up a water bottle. you don't want you parents rushing all over the place with no time to spare you need them to be relaxed just let them chill.

Kids don't want to be stuck inside all week all day all year at school, and even some stuff that they already knew and you want to get outside which makes it a lot more boring. All of us kids are made for exploring not boredom.  They at least deserve one day off a week on Fridays to give their brains a break and let it go on holiday.
I  hope you really think about this and I look forward to a good reply.
I also think I have persuaded you really well.T
Just a reminder my three main reasons were to have another day off, to spend some time with family and to help us and our parents not rush to get to sports and school earlier.

Your sincerely,
Conor Gallagher

Friday, May 29, 2015

Term 2 Week 6 Reading Work

Name:_Conor Gallagher_______________________________________________ Date:______28th May________________ KWL Chart
In the first column, write what you already know about Enviroschools. In the second column, write what you want to know about Enviroschools. After you have completed your research, write what you learned in the third column. What I Know What I Want to Know What I Learned

What I Know
What I Want to Know
What I Learned
Enviro schools are Schools that help improve the gardens and make them more beautiful.

They fix up nowhere areas and plant where there are nowhere  areas.

Sometimes they not only want to do planting at school they want to help at home with the gardens as well as doing them at school.

Why do the schools want to help out the environment?

How do they get all of the plants and seeds?

how long has enviroschools been going for?

When did the school decide to start the enviroschool activity?
I learned that we need plants and trees to  have oxygen

It is not just their school that have nothing areas but we also have nothing areas.

Tell people not to break branches off trees and don’t break plants.

Day 2 - Vocab
Find the meanings for the following words.

The action or process of draining something.
A ravine formed by the action of water
boggy areas
An area having a wet spongy acidic
Refined and well educated
A place where plants or trees are grown or can needed elsewhere
the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.
test (something, especially a new product) to assess its suitability or performance.
Make vegetable matter into manure into compost
public charities
do not know

Day 3 - Summarise

Write an explanation of how Hikanui School became an Enviroschool.
Hikanui school wanted to make a difference to the environment so decided to make an enviroschool to make a difference so they planted trees plants and picked up all of the rubbish out of the garden

Day 4

From the photos and evidence you have collected, create a table of all the problems you have identified we have at Parkvale School. What are the solutions to these problems, do you think?

No where areas
Reduce, reuse and recycle
- We need to buy some plants and go to the nowhere areas and plant them.

First we need to find out what would suit that area properly

After you have got it go and buy the right plants.

We need to pick up rubbish that we find.

Don’t throw rubbish on the ground.

don’t throw rubbish in the creek.

throw your rubbish in the bin not on the ground.

Instead of throwing plastic bottles in the rubbish reduce reuse recycle.

you need to recycle instead of throwing it into the inside rubbish

in our greenhouse we need to plant some plants.

plant some plants if the green house is empty.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Sir Richard Hadlee

For Literacy, we are exploring Hero's within New Zealand. I chose Sir Richard Hadlee because I didn't know anything about him. I realised that he must be a New Zealand hero as he holds the title 'Sir'. Hope you enjoy my presentation.

Corey Anderson

For reading I had to create a Google slide about a present black Cap and a legend. I chose Corey Anderson because I didn't know a lot about him but I learnt he is a left hand batsman and is playing some fantastic cricket at present.

My pepeha

This is my Pepeha hope you enjoy.

Friday, February 20, 2015

My Superhero

My Superhero Description!
My Super Hero was made to…
Walk around with his big steel ball and help people when they are getting attacked. My super heros shiney green armour is as hard as anything you can find so he can not feel any pain


My world cloud all about me

This is a word cloud that I created to describe myself and tell you what I like to do in my spare time. I hope you learn something new about what I like.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

First cricket game

Image result for gm cricket ballOn Saturday I was full of  excitement because it was my first cricket game. The Parkvale Taylor's played MKK/Twyford Which was Maraekakaho and Twyford The game was about to start I was captain on that game did the toss and won I chose to bowl. i was the wicket keeper for the first half of the game and swapped to bowl once half of the innings had finished. The other team ended up getting 93 runs and we chased that down with 4 overs to spare.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Clean as

Clean as This morning I watched a video of health this is what I found out.

You need to wash your hands.
Germs spread everywhere
wash your hands before you eat something
wash your shoes often
have a shower often
cover your sores
don't spit where someone can touch your spit
wash your body after getting dirty
Power to the shower which means have a shower regularly
If your sores get pus see a doctor
Eat healthy food
Use deodorant
don't share toothbrushes

Wash your hair brush after you comb your hair

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Competitive race

Before my race my heart is pounding and I am so nervous about the race. Alright boys line up on the line ready set go I get pushed by heaps of people that were beside me I am coming fourth but I was only jogging and the rest were running quite hard. I am on my last lap and Someone past me and that is when I realized that I had to start sprinting I past him and I push to the finish YAAAAAY I won I am going to go to inter school cross country .  Below this is me coming first

Monday, August 04, 2014

Woosh as fast as lightning a yellow and black spotted Cheetah zips past me. That was weird because behind it the only thing I could hear was bang bang bang. Then huge creatures charge at me they were wrinkled and grey I think it is a Elephant. They will not be able to catch up with the Cheetah because Cheetah are the fastest land animal in the whole entire world. At the other end of the street and I know this might sound silly but monkeys they didn’t last for very long because the herd of Elephants just stomped all over them. If you walk down the street you won’t be able to see any monkeys because they are still on the Elephants feet… I decide to get my lamborghini out and chase after the Elephants are not faster than my lambo so I catch them in about 20 seconds the only thing I can hear are bones smashing and cracking beneath the huge creatures feet. They popped out about  a ton of poop I and I could not drive anywhere. I had to get out of my car run back to my house and get my phone to ring a tow truck to come and help me but they were all getting used because on the other side of town there were no more they were all stuck in poop I was out of luck I start crying boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo I will never get my car back ever. And just at that moment the ground starts to rumble and that was a huge tow truck and I celebrate by jumping and falling over face first, and plodge a face full of poop mmmm delicious NOT I enjoyed getting my car back but not getting a face full of poop. Vvvvvv the tow truck gently lifts up my car and I hear a big creek and I say in my head this can’t be good!.... Woosh caboom a huge ,missile fires over the whole town and on the missile it said… America united states RRRRRR I say I am so angry with them that is the 17 missile that has come and they are all from America. It fires to  the direction that my dog ran away and he is such a scaredy. The next minute the only thing I hear is woof woof woof I think that might be my dog. I sprint over to where the noise is coming from and there he is sitting down eating up a good looking rabbit that had no head I started laughing so loud I had to fall to the ground and tickle my tummy slap my face pinch my leg to stop but I couldn’t stop laughing it was impossible but I guess it was quite sad for the rabbit owner and the reason why I could tell that was owned because it had a collar that said bolt so I thought that that would’ve been the name of the rabbit. I see a little girl come out with puppy dog eyes calling bolt come here I think we have to go so off we go running as fast as we can to get back to my car we see my car and… I drive myself and my dog away making it look like we weren't suspicious. I think about the rabbit again and crack up and my dog falls out the window because I did a fluffy pop that stunk. My dogs face is in the ground with his bum in the air I turn around and the only thing I can see is something that is tiny but it had bright red eyes as red as the reddest apple in the world. “I say to my dog I think that is the rabbit’s owner so we have to run right now”. AHHHHHHHH this little girl is getting angry woooooooop I need to go fast dog or that weird little angry girl will catch us so off we go as fast as we can in my meanich awesome car that at full speed is faster than a Cheetah so we can boost it away from that little girl unless she can fly and guess what she could fly. As fast as I could I call my dad to ask him if he could fly his helicopter over to save us. In a minute the only thing I could hear was a huge noise followed by a huge helicopter that I think was my dads. dooood dooood dooood laser beams are you serious. Go Go Go get inside we pounce into the helicopter. But then I heard hello this is fbi we have come to kill you because you killed my daughters rabbit i’m sorry. I didn’t do it it was my neighbor's dog and they gave the dog to us and they thought we didn't deserve it but they did not want it so they stole it off us and let it go out into trouble and the wild so do not kill us or else you will get shot  by my dad by his jet which fires out missiles so it will be better if you don’t mess with me or else you know what will happen like I said don’t mess with me or my dad will mess with you. The man that was talking to me turns around to make a decision and I go vroom like a jet my car at full speed to get away I leave the dog because rather him then me to be gone. I am gone they do not have any site that they can see me because I am in my house under my bed so they can’t just come into my house and invade or I will call the police. So hard luck for him bang bang bang I think that might be either the dog or else the fbi or….  The girl. I don’t open the door incase it is the girl that tried to kill me with lasers that were coming out of her eyes so incase i didn’t even move an inch. Bang bang bang I can’t stand it it is too scary gooooooo away leave me alone. They knock again so I have to answer i do and it is my dad from the with his helicopter outside that has cut down one of my trees that the other owners planted the tree 53 years ago but I am glad that he chopped it down because it was always blocked all the light that we needed to have because I am a person that likes planting so I need to have light for them to grow. Get in like I said before ok i’ll get in just get me away from here to save my life. Okay but…. The helicopter started to clog up and my dad said that is bad news the high tech machine/ helicopter is gonna blow. We are 5 metres off the ground it is either we die and get blown up or jump and survive we have to jump wooooh ca splosh we land in a pit of water which is about 1 meter deep. When all we hear is silence so we keep bobbing up and down to make sure that we can breath in the water ahhhhhh run for your life a nuclear bomb is about to strike us BOOOOOOOM the sound of a thousand 7.5 earthquakes happening all at the same time and hundreds of thunder booms. The dust clears up and all me and dad see is a huge army of elephants charging with men on the back of them with 22 rifles in their hands. So for the rest of my life I am going to stay away from there incase if they come back but I am going to have to go back because is outside my house but i am definitely going to move. I am going to stay a couple of nights there because I need to look for a house while me and my dad start packing. I say to dad in shock we might not be able to find a house or be able to afford one so I wouldn’t start to pack right now incase we don’t find one just saying. Well we might not have to buy a house we could move into a flat and it will not cost more than a small or big house. So what are we going to do? We are going to move into a flat well I am because you have got your own house to live in but I don’t well I do but I am moving. I am hungry I am going to go and get some burger fuel because I haven't tried it yet and apparently it is so yum so yes I am going to go there to try it. Wow I will not be able to eat that burger that is the size of about 20 big dinner plates stacked up on each other. I don’t want that burger I will just have some of the chips that they sell to try Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm that was delicious but I am… FULLLLLL that packet of chips were humongous just like the burger. Okay back to my house walking and I see the Cheetah and herd of Elephants and it looks like the herd of Elephants that I met with at the start of the and the Cheetah the same AND… There were men with rifles on the back  of the Elephants what is going to happen now????